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Ben Ten
[ Download from this server (12.63 Mb) ] 2014-02-16, 9:00 AM

BEN TEN, An original future pinball table, based on The Cartoon Network's "Ben 10".
Table rules, Their are two ways to get specials on this table, First by lighting "BEN TEN" for special at the top kicker, by (hitting targets on the right side), ( special lasts for 60 seconds). Second, By getting the ball around "The Loop" 10 times.
for another special in the center of the table,( you will see it when you hit the trigger at the top of the loop 10 times).
( This special also lasts for 60 seconds,( you can have both specials going at the same time)).
Also lighting "ALIEN" by hitting Green star targets( around the top, under green star holograms ) lights a chance for Bonus multiplier, at the top kicker, and several small bonus' around the table.
Getting all three drop targets is one way to close the left drain diverter,
(the lit star doubles points on droptargets when lit.)
Replay scores on table card.
  (this is the Lite version)

( Some very well made Midi renditions of Rock and Pop music were used for background music.)
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