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Cartoons (1.1)
[ Download from this server (12.92 Mb) ] 2013-11-11, 8:59 AM

Cartoons, An original future pinball table based on Warner Brothers classic cartoons..
Rules, Light "CARTOONS" for special at the top kicker, by hitting Star targets around the table
(found under the letter holograms),( special lasts for 60 seconds).
The lower leftside kicker (behind the Daffy droptarget) gives chance for multiball.
Light all five star targets ( found mostley under left ramp) for mid right dock kicker bonus,
and a chance for bonus multiplier to increase.
Replay on the table card.
( Some well made Midi renditions, were used for background music.)
(the table is a modification of my Bugs Bunny table).
( Fixed,1.1 version, the ball should'nt disappear during multiball, and small changes).
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