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Mickey Mouse (2.0 Special Edition)
[ Download from this server (13.92 Mb) ] 2013-04-15, 8:54 AM

Mickey Mouse, (2.0 SE) an original future pinball table.Based on Walt Disneys classic, "Micky Mouse" cartoons.
Table rules; lighting, "M.I.C.K.E.Y.M.O.U.S.E." ,lights specials in the top kickerhole.(Note; the letter targets have a star hologram over them,) special lasts 75 seconds. Lighting "D.I.S.N.E.Y." earns bonus points (and the chance for the bonus multiplier to increase,at the mid upper right kicker), (Note: the letter triggers are ,mainly on the innerleft side or, scattered around bumpers( star targets). Lighting "Mickey" with the roto spinner gives bonus and chance for small bonus by hitting the yellow target,(when yellow light lit).also hitting the yellow target during specials,lights a chance for bonus at the top lanes.
Replay scores on the tablecard. (Special Edition has many improvements and New holograms).

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