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Planes (1.1) (lite version)
[ Download from this server (13.06 Mb) ] 2014-02-25, 8:27 AM

Planes, (1.1) An original future pinball table, based on Disney's
and Pixar's hit movie "Planes".
Table rules,
Light "PLANES " by hitting each letter target on the rotospinner,
to get special at top right kicker,(special lasts 60 seconds).
And, hitting the yellow and green targets in the rotospinner,
will light a chance for multiball in the upper leftside lane.
Also lighting "DISNEY" (by hitting all the blue star targets under the blue star holograms,
brings a chance for the Bonus multiplier to increase,
( you'll see a large blue star hologram at
the top kicker between the bumpers, when the bonus is lit)).
Replay scores on table card.
Updated 1.1 version has many minor improvements.

( Some well made midi versions of rock music were used for background music).
Category: My files | Added by: Mark1 | Tags: games, future pinball tables.
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