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Thunderball (3.0)
[ Download from this server (8.90 Mb) ] 2016-12-06, 7:29 AM

Thunderball ( 3.0 ) 

     An original future pinball table, based on Ian Flemings  James Bond.  

 Rules, lighting, "T.H.U.N.D.E.R.B.A.L.L." lights specials in the very top mainlevel kickerhole
 ( Note: get the ball in right ramp kickback to get the top letters,
 (- top level cant be reached during multiball)).
 Special lasts 90 seconds,( the back is blocked during  specials, 
( and failing to get the special, will cost 5000 points)). 
The lowerleft kickerhole has chance for multiball.
   Lighting," 0.0.7" ( by hitting star targets under blue star hologram), lights the 60
 second chance for the bonus multiplier to increase and 10,000 point bonus,
 at top right hidden kicker (under blue star hologram)) .
 (Also if you light "S.P.E.C.T.R.E.", ( by hitting green all seven star targets ),
 you will lose 5,000 points each time,and will reset 007 lights)).
 Replay scores on the tablecard.  
 ( 3.0 updated version has many improvements (and is a little harder to play).

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